Monday, November 22, 2010

Amazing Magic Tricks - Under Water Drinking!

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Under Water Drinking:
  • Have you ever wonder, if you could have a simple drink of something while being underwater? To know see the video about!

Materials Need:
  • Cola
  • Glass bottle
  • Under water - can be in bathtub or in aquarium
  1. First fill the bathtub or aquarium with water
  2. Second place the cola and the glass bottle in the the water!
  3. To perform the tricks one must move slowly!
  4. Third open the cola, remember to open it slowly
  5. Then lastly pour the cola in the glass bottle!
  6. There you have your drink under the water!
Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • The tricks in here is to move slowly so the cola and the water inside the aquarium would be saturated that fast! So enjoy this easy magic tricks with your kids!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Easy Magic Tricks - How to make A Drink With 4 Flavor!

Magic Tricks Tutorial:
  • How to make 4 flavored drinks in 1 glass, taste the rainbow ! We will show you how to make drinks for greats parties, it's a amazing magic tricks for kids with a Sweet-tooth!
Materials Need:
  • 5 Glasses
  • Food Coloring
  • Sugar
  • Tablespoon
  • Water
  1. Step 1, is to put 1 table spoon of sugar in the 1st glass, 2 table spoon of sugar in a the second glass, 3 table spoon of sugar in a third glass and 4 table spoon of sugar for the last glass.
  2. Put 3 table spoon of water in each glass then pick a coloring for each of them.
  3. Stir carefully until the sugar is dissolved.
  4. The more sugar, the heavier the water.
  5. Start with the heaviest one and the next one etc...until the lightest is on the top!
  6. Pour them down from the side, so they wont mix up with your drink!

  • Make sure to start with the heaviest so i will be a success! Try different flavours with each different level 4 flavours in one drink be creative and have fun!

Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • Magic tricks revealed, in this chemistry magic tricks adding sugar in the water make the weight heavier so the more sugar the heavier then by slowly adding the lighter liquid from the side it will not destroy the lower layer so be careful and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - How to make an explosion using Wax and Coke!

Magic Tricks Tutorial:
  • Can anybody figure out the explanation behind the wax mixed with coke?!
Materials Need:
  1. Pour a glass of coke. (diet or regular)
  2. Next get a glass test tube and a candle.
  3. Break off the candle to a chunk and put the wax in test tube.
  4. Now heat - be careful!
  5. Wait until the wax boils then quickly add to cola!
  • Make sure you do this outside you can try it yourself but be careful!

Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • Magic secrets revealed, in this chemistry magic tricks there is a spontaneous combustion effect when you add the boiled wax to the coke that will produce an explosion. The explanation in this tricks is the same with the mentos added in a soda, the wax spontaneously combusts because of the exterior tension of the soda, allowing carbon dioxide bubbles to increase and develop more effortlessly. The wax traps the gas, forming bubbles and foam.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - A REAL $50 Bill On FIRE- Money To Burn !

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Paper:
  • The cops can rest and eat the doughnuts, we will show you how to make an Amazing Magic Tricks without destroying any laws...simple way to win a bet and earn some cash try it! :-)
Materials Need:
  1. First you will need a one real paper money, any note will do.
  2. Next mix the rubbing alcohol with a few spoons of water.
  3. Using tongs dip your money....
  4. But it's OK, it wont burn
  5. The same can be done with skin - but I wouldn't recommend it.

  • It is illegal to burn currency in the united states.
Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • Magic tricks revealed, so how does this magictricks work? 1st the money is made of nylon, the nylon soaks up water. By doing it, it can be protected from alcohol. Alcohol burns at a low temperature, leaving the note untouched but will be slightly warm.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maigc Tricks Tutorial - Coin Bite Trick Revealed

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Coin:
Materials Need:

  1. Get a coin, the real coin is real.
  2. However it has been modified, to easily fold in half.
  3. Viewing from the front you cant tell that the coin is modified.
  4. But behind you are pinching the modified coin.
  5. To repair the coin, just let your thumb slip.
  • The audience is shown a coin that's just looks normal, they gasp as youtake a bite. Amazingly you manage to do it, but that's only half the tricks...You decide that coins taste pretty disgusting, so you spit it out repairing the coin.
Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:

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