Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - How to make an Impact Flash Grenades!

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Bomb:
  • A cool experiment that shows you how to make NINJA GRENADES! A kids magic tricks that throw these bomb to the ground and make your escape in a flash with a puff of smoke, be a Naruto Ninja!

Materials Need:

  1. Cut the ping pong ball into half but be careful!
  2. Make 2 small strips of sandpaper .
  3. Cut it to half and superglue the sandpaper inside the ping pong ball like an X.
  4. Get some flash powder
  5. Roll up the flash powder in the tissue.
  6. Cut off the rest and seal the tissue with a dot of super glue.
  7. Get a non safety matches, then cut off the heads. (do this to the entire pack)
  8. Pour half the match heads into one half of the ball.
  9. Add the other rest of the match heads to the other side.
  10. Then put the tissue which was glued in the middle of the ball!
  11. Then snap shut it! Seal the ball with a bit of sticky tape and you are ready!
  • The flash of the magic bomb is bright enough to temporarily to blind people in the dark! Never look directly at the flash!

Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • Magic secrets revealed, in this chemistry magic tricks the flash bombs explode due to the impact you throw, once the impact you throw isn't strong enough you can't let it react to explode the bomb creating blinding flashes.

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