Monday, March 29, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - How to Make A Magic Coin!

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Coins:
  • Do you know "HOW TO CONVERT A NORMAL COIN INTO A Coin Magic, so we can easily perform a Coin Magic Tricks such as "THE BITTEN COIN" or "THE COIN IN THE BOTTLE"
  • Magic Tricks Tutorial present a simple step by step instructions, we can use any kinds of coin or currency to amaze your friends!
Materials Need:
  1. Using the thickest blade, cut a 1mm groove around the edge.
  2. Next using thinnest blade, cut your teeth marks.
  3. Take your small rubber band and stretch round one half, then add the other half.
  4. Your done, enjoy performing this magic tricks!
  • It may looks normal, but now your ready to perform, the exact method can be use just like in the video.
  • For the coin magic tricks in a bottle tricks just cut the coin directly in half.
  • Check other videos to see how to perform the bitten coin, or the coin in bottle tricks,
Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - How to Make A Magic Mirror! Amazing Optical Infinity Illusion...

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Mirror/Optical Illusion:
  • An amazing magic tricks on how to make a magic Infinity mirror. You will be impressed by this optical illusion, I bet anyone who see's it wants to have one.
  • It's simple to make yet so very effective, there is a step by step instruction on how to make theses magic mirror.
Materials Need:
  1. Apply the tint to the glass,be sure to remove any trapped bubbles.
  2. One side of the glass should now look like a mirror, but the other should be able to see through.(Just like the one way glass in police interview rooms!)
  3. Make a frame, by using some polystyrene and masking tape.
  4. Tape the Fairly lights around the edge,then tape frame onto mirror.
  5. The preparations complete,now here's the fun part
  6. Turn out the lights and put on the one way glass!
  7. You can now see into infinity and beyond!
  8. Move the glass to adjust the infinity light and also works great with bulbs.
  9. Lastly mount on your wall, there you have it!
  • I don't recommend using candles cause it might melt the tint.
Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - How to Make A GLOWING TOMATO!

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Glowing Tomato:
  • This chemistry magic tricks only uses 3 simple household chemicals!
  • YOU can also make your own glow sticks! It's worth to watch....

Materials Need:
  1. Find some non safety matches, specifically a brand that has a high phosphorous content
  2. You can check this by using UV light, the brighter the glow, the more phosphorous content there is!
  3. Use a knife to scrape off the heads! Be carefully!
  4. Put the phosphorus in a container and then add bleach, shake them slowly until it fully dissolve,
  5. Now leave to stand for 20 minutes, then you'll see a 2 layers will have formed
  6. By using a syringe, extract liquid!
  7. It may not look interesting, but turn off the lights then you will see a faint glow!
  8. In this video they choose a tomato to be the container.
  9. Just inject the solution in the tomato, approximately in every 1 inch.
  10. Next by using the syringe absorb the hydrogen peroxide
  11. Then inject it into the center of the tomato,
  12. Lastly watch what's happening.
  • In this chemistry magictricks, you will obtain a glowing tomato, do whatever you want with the magic tomato but DON'T EAT IT!

Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • Magic secret revealed, adding Hydrogen Peroxide will give you an immediate bright glow, because there's a chemiluminescence reaction also means the release of light with limited release of heat. You'll also notice that the light will be starting to fade off in just about half a minute.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - How To Make A Magic Deck Of Cards!

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Card!:
Materials Need:
  1. Get a normal pack of card.
  2. Tightly wrap it with a rubber band, around one end of the pack.
  3. Next use a scalpel or razor, gently scrape one half - do this on both side.
  4. So half of the pack will be slightly narrower than the other side.
  • Amaze your friends with simple magic tricks, you can perform 100s different tricks with the help of this pack!
    • Shuffle the pack
    • Tell them to pick a card, in this video it's a king
    • Without letting them noticing turn the pack around
    • Let them insert their card
    • Shuffle again to convince them
    • Then behind your back, run fingers down the sides and pull out their card

  • This card magic tricks even works with multiple card - like getting all ace, all club or any card you desire..

Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • Magic secret revealed, in this magic card tricks this is consider as a cheap tricks but very effective, by just slightly scrape the half of the deck - you can get a different size of card without people noticing it, but you'll notice it by touching it.
  • Magic Tricks Tutorial suggest and encourage you to put some of your creative idea's in the comment section, share some and you gain more.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Magic Tricks Tutorial - How To Make Flash Paper!

Magic Tricks Tutorial - Magic Paper:
  • Flash paper is being used by magicians however it is very expensive to buy, here's how to make it - the easy way!
Materials Need:
  1. Cut the toilet paper into small squares.
  2. Extract flare material - this is very bright if burn.
  3. Pour white spirit into the pan, then add crushed flare - leave it on a low heat for 20 minutes.
  4. After 20 minutes, there will be a clear syrup like layer form.
  5. Skim the layer off in a container and add paper in the container then leave it for 30 minutes.
  6. Next place the paper on a baking tray and put it in an oven.
  7. Bake it for 1 hour on 100'F until the color of the paper turns to golden yellow.
  8. Lastly try to fire the paper.
Magic Tricks Tutorial Explanation/Reveal Magic Tricks:
  • Magic secrets revealed, in this chemistry magictricks we just transfer the function of the flare into the square toilet paper.

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